In our next Erasmus+ Programme we applied for a 1 week Youth exchange in Gombolyag in July 2024, in the topic: Creativity, arts and culture, with film – photo – painting – music – gastro actions in daily changes. During the project we are working with young people in international teams: 1 group leader–youth worker and 5 young people between 16-25 years old are in each groups with 4 partners, all together 20 participants and 4 group leaders.
Our goal is to strengthen intercultural understanding, dialogue, and active participation among young people, developing proactivity. Transnational exchange, broadening young people's horizons, strengthening their creative expression, which they can use in their personal lives and careers.
applicant: Gombolyag Foundation, Gombolyag, HUNGARY
partners: Youth and Sports Institute Trbovlje (ZMŠT), SLOVENIA
Partium Christian Univerity, Oradea, ROMANIA
Cinema Filmworkshop, Kanjiza, SERBIA
It is not easy to talk about social issues, inequalities, disadvantages to young people, even if they are directly concerned. In fact, it is then really difficult! Where words are no longer enough, we can use all our senses.
A kinaesthetic learner would rather perform physical activity to learn something, as an active participant, instead of passively listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. That is why the best way of learning something new is by having our hands-on those things we are trying to learn. To process sensitive societal topics and use kinaesthetic learning methodology, we call on the different kinds of arts, like drawing and painting, photography, films, music and even gastronomy. During our common journey, we will discover what social inclusion actually means in our realities through creative and artistic activities – involving all five senses for inclusion. We look forward to the middle of May and the results, fingers crossed!