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“The four-tier settlement structure – farms, villages, large villages and rural settlements – which evolved in the area lying between the River Danube and River Tisza during the era of Turkish occupation is unique in Europe and even in the world. This is a natural attribute and also constitutes a value. The key to the development of these settlements and local society lies in the power of locality and the inclination for economic and social cooperation, as well as integration abilities building on these two elements. This needs to be consciously developed, from the individual, family and settlement to the micro-region, county and country and through to the European... tovább

Open Air School

Open-air School 2011
At the end of 2008, the Foundation finally reached the point where it could implement specific activities defined as objectives in its statues, one of the key activities of which involved organising and “holding camps”. Based on this project and the experiences gathered over the past few years, the Foundation began to implement a series of projects in 2009:

We once again organised the GomBuSho film workshop, this time round with the participation of young Hungarians living in neighbouring countries, BioGroup lifestyle campers taking part in the workshop for a second time, as well as youth sport persons from the Méhecskék... tovább

Education, culture, sport, bio-camp

Extracts from the statutes:
“The fundamental aim of the Gombolyag Foundation is to help develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of young people (children and adolescents) through educational and sensible activities offered in a playful manner and informal setting by getting them to enjoy creative activities. The Gombolyag Foundation is open to every type of activity, whether it be performed independently or jointly in a group whereby these help attain the goals defined above.
Main activities:
In the field of environmental education, activities, on the one hand, focus on passing on knowledge, whilst on the other hand, on inducing mentality changes... tovább

About Gombolyag

Gombolyag (19 degrees North latitude and 46.5 degree East longitude), a tiny village which is by no means a metropolis, is located in Bács-Kiskun County nestled between Kalocsa and Lake Szelidi in the farm region belonging to the settlement of Szakmár. Almost everything characteristic of the busy weekdays of today’s self-subsistent farmers, this simple, yet rewarding and at times very hard life can be found in the remote village with only 20 inhabitants.

Most of the houses in the village were built during the second half of the 20th century; however, are in a ruinous, run-down state. It is naturally understandable that young people search for the... tovább

What we offer

Instead of school classes, we offer a variety of fun and exciting programmes custom-tailored to the open-air school, summer camps and making class excursions and training camps more colourful.
Type of accommodation: clay-brick masonry house Number of beds: catering for 40 guests – 1 x 15 bed dormitory and 1 x 25 bed dormitory Meals: school canteen, kitchen and kiosk Bathroom: separate men’s and ladies bathroom, 6 toilets Communal lounge: equipped with TV, DVD player and projector Sports: football, foot tennis, volleyball, badminton, floor-ball, table tennis, cycling, horse riding, fishing, archery… tovább

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