Extracts from the statutes:

“The fundamental aim of the Gombolyag Foundation is to help develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of young people (children and adolescents) through educational and sensible activities offered in a playful manner and informal setting by getting them to enjoy creative activities. The Gombolyag Foundation is open to every type of activity, whether it be performed independently or jointly in a group whereby these help attain the goals defined above.
Main activities:

  1. In the field of environmental education, activities, on the one hand, focus on passing on knowledge, whilst on the other hand, on inducing mentality changes promoting the formation of a more environmentally friendly and environmentally aware attitude.
  2. In the field of culture (which ranges from cinematography to music and through to various arts covering every cultural field), beyond passing on knowledge, activities aim to concurrently strengthen tolerance. We believe that anyone capable of creating art, or at least accepting cultural products, will become more open and tolerant towards accepting otherness.
  3. In the field of sports and health protection the short-term goal involves spending free-time in a healthy and enjoyable manner, alongside shaping attitudes adhering to health preservation and fair play in the long run.

Naturally, the mission of the Gombolyag Foundation equally extends to encompass creating a friendly and organic relationship with the social and natural environment in the broader and narrower sense, as well as preserving local traditions and presenting their values to young people visiting our facility from around the country or abroad.

To attain these goals, the Gombolyag Foundation

  • Organises open-air schools, camps and creative workshops;
  • Organises trainings, conferences and seminars;
  • Implements projects for Hungarians living in neighbouring countries and strengthens dialogues between youth organisations in Hungary and across the border;
  • Takes part in international projects and helps drive the impetus of European integration through the humble means it disposes of;
  • Organises cultural, environmental protection and sporting events, as well as health protection programmes encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle.”